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Effective Genital Warts Treatment

How does ozone help our body remove microbes and diseased cells?

Energy for all cells comes from glucose, In a healthy cell glucose is burnt in oxygen via oxidation, An unhealthy cell uses fermentation of glucose anaerobically, this produces very large amounts of lactic acid. Worse than that only one sixth of the energy is produced via fermentation. A cell that is healthy with enough oxygen and the right nutrients makes an enzyme coating around itself that then stops them being invaded. The enzymes are known as reductase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. Just as long as the enzyme keeps this coating around it, it can protect itself from viruses, and ozone cannot hurt it. If a cell is starved of Oxygen it will be unable to make enough enzymes to protect its cell wall and will be more susceptible to takeover by viruses that are always there. Microbes such as viruses , Fungi and Bacteria have no enzyme coating. When ozone is flooded into the area, it attacks viruses, fungi and bacteria without the enzyme coating. It will also react with unhealthy cells that donít have the cell wall enzymes. They will be removed from the body as they are oxidised by the Ozone.

Is Ozone Dangerous: Are all Free Radicals the same?

1) In some cases Ozone has been reported in the media a dangerous free radical. This is simply untrue. Free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons, This happens all the time in the body as biochemical reactions take place. There would be no chemical reactions and no life without free radicals. However not all free radicals are the same they are different in many ways. Some kill all living cells, others only react with the unhealthy cells. Singlet oxygen from Ozone is a very reactive beneficial free radical that is a scavenger of other dangerous free radicals. The oxygen will always combine with these Dangerous Free Radicals to leave them harmless, and protect living cells from damage.

2) Interferon levels are significantly increased. Interferons are globular proteins. Interferons orchestrate every aspect of the immune system. Some interferons are produced by cells infected by viruses. These interferons warn adjacent, healthy cells of the likelihood of infection; in turn, they are rendered non-permissive host cells. In other words, they inhibit viral replication. Other interferons are produced in the muscles, connective tissue and by white blood cells. Levels of gamma interferon can be elevated 400-900% by ozone. This interferon is involved in the control of phagocytic cells that engulf and kill pathogens and abnormal cells. Interferons are FDA approved for the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B and C, Genital Warts (caused by Papillomavirus, Hairy-cell Leukemia, Karposiís Sarcoma, Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Granulomatous Disease. Interferons are currently in clinical trials for Throat Warts (caused by Papillomavirus), HIV infection, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Leukemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Colon tumors, Kidney tumors, Bladder Cancer, Malignant Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Leishmaniasis. While levels induced by ozone remain safe, interferon levels that are FDA approved (and in clinical trials) are extremely toxic.

The Genital Wart & Herpes Treatment [Genital Warts Pictures]


Manok M: (on a simple and painless treatment of Warts) By:-ELKE OLSON
Hautarzt 12:425 Sept. 1961 Germany
An easy and painless treatment of Warts:

There is still not a lone method of wart treatment which as everyone wishes, is painless, doesn't leave scars, doesn't render one unable to work and doesn't harm later on. The no uniform therapeutic methods mirror itself in a lot of steps of mechanical, physical or chemical types, because none are meeting the above qualifications.

Either the methods are too bloody and painful, or they are unsuitable as they leave damage behind. Besides one has to expect residue if there aren't disfiguring scars left behind. In this short and preliminary communication we don't intend to talk about all the therapeutic methods available, but only our own. We thought to use an old disinfectant 30% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

The now therapeutic results justify this preliminary report. It seems that by this really easy and painless means, the wart can be removed. The technique itself is very easy. One needs a sharp spoon, but not to remove the wart, rather to open the surface. One doesn't need to get to the roof which would cause it to bleed. Because of this way it is painless. But it is necessary to have the medication go into the wart. With a eyedropper drop 1 drop of 30% H2O2 onto the opened surface and let it dry. After 2 or 3 days scrape off the dried layer and add another drop of H2O2 . How many times depends on the size of the wart. For middle sized warts it'll take usually 4 to 5 applications. Larger one will take longer. With Verrucae Planae Juveniles the most it will take is 2 applications to have it disappear with out a trace. Of especial importance is, that the Plantar Wart, which is otherwise hard to remove, can be treated successfully that way. The pain stops mostly after The 1st or 2nd application. So the patient shouldn't have trouble walking.

After the application the patient will feel at most a prickly sensation, which will last a few minutes. After that it could Itch, which also disappears after a short time.

So far we have treated 30 patients this way with good results. This treat time takes a little longer but is painless and not bloody.

It is Important to realize that the wart will disappear without leaving any kind of residue. One will not be able to see where the wart was.

A try with Papillomata Acuminata failed completely it seems though, that after removing with Podophyllin the residue can be prevented by moistening the area with H202.

That It isn't a suggestive influence shows In a one-sided treatment. The untreated warts were not influenced. The treated ones disappeared.

Anyway we will be testing the worth of this method in the hope that corresponding to the existing experience it will prove itself.

Condensation: A preliminary communication of a painless and not bloody treatment of warts with H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

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